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Report - Camden Rat Hole, August + October 2011


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Visited twice...

I love this place. I've been aware of other tunnels around those parts, but only recently discovered this one, thanks to Ratfink's report.

I spent forever searching for this place and just couldn't work it out, despite being told that it was really rather obvious. And then, after weeks of Google-Fu and scouting, I found the plans to the place. Bingo!

With that, came a wealth of history...

This little gem was built in the early 1800s and housed steam engines used to haul coaches up the Camden incline from Euston. It was in operation for only 7 years, before the various bits were auctioned off, and eventually being sealed up and demolished a few years later in 1849.

The place being built:

Since then, there have been a few changes, mainly the canal, which was created a few years before. This has now flooded the great hall completely. It is apparently drained every 8 years and was last done in 2008. It takes 3 weeks, running 3 pumps 24/7 to drain the hall in order to examine it and be checked over by National Rail.

It is now Grade II listed and a truly awesome structure.

...Or so I am led to believe, because as it is completely flooded, it is impossible to examine any more. I can, however, provide you with this photo to show what lies beneath, taken in 2008:

Those of you lucky enough to have found this place will know exactly where the photo above was taken, if you look closely enough. ;)


Luckily, there is more to explore than just a big indoor pond. After shuffling around the upper part, we eventually discovered 'the way down'.

The climb down the ladder is fine, unless you've got a massive backpack (like I did), in which case it likes to get stuck. Fun. Especially when you're at the top of that 50+ ft hole!

Once we got to the bottom, we found ourselves in the middle of a 1000 yard tunnel. I will code it as the 'UECL'. It's been mentioned on here before, but I'd like to keep it hush hush in my report.


Darkness everywhere. Our torches were somewhat useless. Occasionally there were drops in between the sleepers that almost caught one of us out.

The walk began, not knowing which way to go, as there was no light at either end from our vantage point. Eventually, we found the end, greeted by a fence and a shrubbery.

A little further and there's this:

A little further still and there's live trains.

About turn and back into the tunnel...

Obviously we had to go to the other end, stopping only to look at the water pumps the run along the length of the tunnel, dropping down to the flooded chambers below.

At the other end:

That end was where someone used to call home. A copy of Mixmag from 2007 and a dog basket was all they needed. That and some crack.

Back into the abyss and I was left alone down there by my fellow explorers to my own devices. Mainly fire.

A couple of hours later, I'd mastered the art of light painting and created some christmas presents for people with the results. :rolleyes:

There are rumours of the tunnel being bricked up. This is backed by the fact that the shrubbery has been cut recently at one end. NR people have been there and been through the tunnel. 'Remains' have gone and things have been moved.

I shall venture back there again soon, as there's something I've noticed on the plans since which warrants attention.

Watch this space...


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