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Report - Camelot - Chorley - November 2013


Hooked on curiosity
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Cracking day for it. After some advice from some fellow Urbexers coming out of St Joseph's Orphanage in Preston, we entered the site.

Legless - a trail of limbs appeared to lead the way - very 28 days later!


Previous explorers had spent quite a bit of time staging the 'extras' from the Camelot cast. This one obviously the monk and his girl


Quite predictable really - Dummies Guide to an Orgy


Maybe it looked better 20 years ago - difficult to image that this place has only been closed for a year !


Bluebell Bottom …. what the f*** was that all about ….


Clock the Bertie Bassett advert … what a day out this must have been, together with a Wimpy burger bar…


Squeal like a pig boy


After a rummage around in the open, we dived into the tent that was the house of horrors (aptly named…it was pretty god-damned horrible). Whilst we were in there, above the cooing sound of pidgeons and the dripping of water on tent fabric, we heard some voices. Oh great, here comes Mr Security. Oddly it didn't sound like a grumpy old guard, so after holding our breath for a few minutes until they had passed we continued our foraging.


Plenty of skeletons in the closet


People really paid money to spend their free time here…..maybe it looked better in the dark ?


After finishing off in the house of horrors, we came out excited to see the large roller coaster, having saved the best until last. Our new 'friends' were just around the corner having a good look at the roller coaster. Lulled into a false sense of security having bumped into some friendly fellow explorers earlier in the day
we gave them a polite wave, only to notice that one of them was wearing a pretty good security guard disguise……
Casual exit stage left and a sore arse and ripped jeans off the chain link fence.

Lovely day out in the autumn sunshine, and places like that deserved to go bust….



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