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Report - Camelot Daytime Revisit, Chorley - January 2015


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Welcome back to camelot!

"Whilst we have become used to inclement summer weather in the UK during the past few years, a combination of the wettest summer for 100 years, the Queen's Jubilee celebrations followed by the spectacular television coverage of the Olympic Games during our busiest months of the summer and the school holidays had a major impact on visitors to Camelot.

"I would like to thank all the staff who have helped to make Camelot Theme Park one of the region's most entertaining visitor attractions and our many loyal visitors for their continued support over the past 29 wonderful years." Possibly the reason why they closed, apart from the deaths of one disabled kid and a maintenance worker! It closed in 2012.

Due to my first visit being at night time, unfortunately the pictures that I wanted to acquire weren't really possible! so with this I took a revisit just to show what it's like during the day. I know there are quite a few different reports on this site and I have two now but it does show different perspectives through each eye that goes there!On this visit I had 2 friends with me and met up with Coolboyslim Coolboyslim; pretty chilled out guy and knows his stuff, taught me a little bit and has shown me some decent places that I wouldn't mind going to see soon! One part about this visit that I was happy with was getting the to top of Knightmare while some chavs kept someone busy :)​

The Ghost Ride



Looking down at the Javelin area

Main Entrance

The Castle

View from the top of the Knightmare couldn't hold the camera still what so ever it was about -2c up there just about managed to push the button!



Fortunately I have a camera and tripod now, only with an 8 second exposure but should get better quality from me now ;)
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nice effort mate looks good this does,maybe add a space inbetween the other pics or its like your scrolling down one long pic


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Top of that damn roller coaster was bloody freezing and the wind was unreal but well worth it. And yes thanks to 20 or 30 youths making a scene and keeping some certain people occupied. We made it up. Was a great laugh and met up with some other explores as-well Hi to them if they around. Overall a mega bit of run and fun lol. Great post. Nah snake m8ty no torch found a smashed phone lol looks like someone dropped it legging it from security. If found will deffo get it back to you. Sorry you lost it m8ty.


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Great report, there is still lots to see here. I've been twice and both times I've failed to get up the Knightmare due to secco. :banghead
But I suppose it is an excuse to visit again? Did you have a look around the embassy whilst you were there?

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