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Report - Camelot July 15


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This is my first real exploration, after getting interested (as an adult) by stumbling across Upholland Seminary last week.

I decided with my friend, that with the security it was better to ease into things by trying easier and less risky places.
First stop was St Joseph's Church in Wigan. It was easy to get in, but apart from alot of bird droppings, not much to see. It has been trashed and gutted.

So on the spur of the moment we drove to Camelot. I had been when I was at school as was curious to see its demise.

Here is some brief history lifted from Wikipedia.

Camelot Theme Park was a resort and theme park located in the English county of Lancashire. The park's theme was the well-known legend of Camelot, and the park decor incorporated pseudo-medieval elements. It was located on a 140-acre (0.57 km2; 0.22 sq mi) site[1] near the village of Charnock Richard, 3 miles (4.8 km) west of Chorley. One of the rollercoasters can be seen from the M6 near the Charnock Richard Services. The theme park has been closed since November 2012.

The first thing I noticed was how cheaply it was built. In my childhood memories I thought the castle like structures were made out of stone. It has really been abused since it closed.
I was able to generally remember my way around, as we moved around building to building and along the path.
We managed to find a building that had been barely touched, behind the dragon track ride entrance (that goes around the park) there was a service shed, it was messy inside as some people cant not be dicks... but it was full of stock still, wheels, oil, tools, paints and maintenance records.

After not seeing any sign of security we decided to climb the big roller coaster to get some pictures... but sods Law.... Two security guards in high vis jackets saw us and started the walk towards us.
Today was the first time I have done something like this since I was a child, and I had never encounted security.
I took the lead and made a gamble not to climb down and bail, to treat the two guys with respect and acknowledge we are being stupid climbing it in the rain. We explained that we were only there to take pictures and to see how the park had fallen into ruin. They were completely sound, they even asked us history of the place.
They politely asked us to leave and as we had seen most of the park anyway we did.

I was pretty scared when the security first turned up. If I get a criminal conviction I will loose my job, so I count myself lucky they were nice guys.

Thanks for reading my first report.

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Well ... that's Camelot ... :rolleyes:
just some minor nigglies, usually only use month & year as date of explore & some of the pics need sorting out. (sizes & duplicates )
might want to check out these threads, part 1 is sort of a "code of conduct" for the site. (from old FAQs) & part 2 will help with those picture "issues" & how to edit your report. got 24 hours to edit, then it gets locked...
other than that, ya seem to get the general drift of things , carry on . :D
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Ah Camelot, good for first explore :thumb
It's certainly seen better days.
Looking forward to you next adventure :thumb

Choo Choo m8ty

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Camelot camelot here we go let's all go here to have fun. Lol seriously we should all go here and do a giant group shot lol. Yea your pics and title need sorting other than that looks ok thx and can't wait to see your next explore. (Cough Latvian Building) lol


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Something, Something, don't see enough of this place....... Torch in a ball pit.

Great report dude, a bit of advice the month and year are only really needed. Best not to put the day so secca can't pin you to it or get them into trouble. Not that it really matters with Camelot. :thumb
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I think my edits have made things worse.... please dont delete, I promise to improve... haha

@Coolboyslim I think I parked infront of it without realising... missed op... although after my trip to Norway this week, Upholland maybe my next exploration.

@GRONK thanks for the advice... it makes alot of sense.
And thanks all for the positive responses.

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