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Lead or Rumour info - Camelot Security 2015


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28DL Full Member
Hi all,

I'm making a trip back to Camelot soon, being nearly a year since my last visit, and i have heard a lot of things have changed.
Apparently, like The Latvian Consulate, This place is beginning to get seriously trashed and apparently there is no longer security
present on site, supposedly the staff at the hotel monitor the CCTV. As well as all this i heard that Knightmare had finally been removed, i think that this is bollocks but i just need an idea of what the place is like now from someone who has visited very recently.

Thanks :)


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28DL Full Member
I"ve been told there's no Secca on at Haslar anymore, but I think this is Bollocks :D

If someone could confirm & save me a trip.

Thanks :thumb

Rik UE

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28DL Full Member
Goodness me this place looks seriously shit now from that video posted above, its like the Harperbury of Theme Parks :D


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28DL Full Member
Me and Georgie got busted a few months back, the guard wasn't really bothered about us being there but he wouldn't let us climb the roller coaster


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28DL Full Member
I've been there 3 times in a row each night i walked around with torch on, since i posted that night report hes been there everytime at night so he is there! police cameup once for 20 chavs!


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Regular User
My advice is go somewhere else.....somewhere good. Camelot is shit
I'm disappointed in you. :p:

There is still lot's to see here, I've been a few times lately. The last time I saw secca in the park was back in December (when I was escorted out :cool). The Knightmare has had some of the ground level track removed and most of the station building has been demolished.

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