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Report - Camelot Theme Park, Chorley - January 2015


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January 2015​

Before I start lets get one thing clear..... I FUCKING HATE HEIGHTS. Now that that is out of the way I'll get on with my report, I've fell in love with this place, every time I go I find something new to explore, I (as always) changed my mind at the last minute, in this case it was whilst I was stood on the platform at Crewe Station, I was on my way to Denbigh when I was browsing the forum on my mobile and saw a recent report showing that they have started to dismantle the Dragon Flyer and decided that one last trip to Camelot was needed. Upon arriving I was pleased to see that the area was really quiet (well, it was 08:00 in the morning). I wondered into the park the normal way and immediately headed towards the staff uniform store room, having been tipped off that it was there. The floor was absolutely littered with Polo Shirts and Coats, it was a wonderland and I'm amazed that it has survived this long. After I had a good rummage around I headed off down the hill towards the Dragon Flyer which has virtually been removed apart from the odd bit of track. After pottering around here for a bit I headed up towards 'the Land Of The Brave' and most importantly to check for Secca. And too my thrill they were not around. :rolleyes: So I headed towards the Knightmare, but not before a quick go in the ball pit. I've never been able to explore this area in any great amount due to it being a popular spot for secca. So I had a look round the play area. So onto the Knightmare.

It was originally built in Japan and was moved here in 2007 when the park it was operating in was closed, as with all the rides a Camelot it's last operating day was 2nd September 2012. It has sat idle ever since. Bits of the ride have slowly been removed over the last two years with the station building being the latest. Now i really don't like heights and I stood looking at it for a whiles questioning my own stupidity, I came to the conclusion that I am stupid and began the scale the steps around the lift hill. Getting about half way the part was obstructed with another set of stairs that lead to another platform that appeared to slide into place in an emergency. I knew dam well I wasn't going over them so it was a tight squeeze underneath. getting to the top I could see for miles and started picking out things on the landscape (I'm a sad sod). After spending about 10 minutes up there I decided that I shouldn't push my luck and started the journey down. After this I just had a wonder around, not much more to see. Eventually leaving to go to the services because I really didn't fancy using the toilets at the park. When I returned I was met by a very stroppy security guard from the Hotel, who made the remark 'You'll never get in' at this point I just agreed with him as I'd only come back from the services to kill some time before the bus came. I didn't tell him about my morning or the three other times before that. :)



Staff uniform storage room, Inside the admin building.


The bridge has finally been removed.


Dragon Flyer Station, a big difference compared to December :(


Section of Dragon Flyer Track (Or Not)


Behind gaming area, also Games Managers office.


Driving School queue line


Station of the Knightmare, the track has now been removed.


The rides control panel, still with operators key's.


Top of the lift hill, looking back down to earth.


Off The Rails


Looking down at the Play Centre


Peaking out above the tree line.


The Money Shot


External of the children's play area.

Camera Used: Canon EOS 30D
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