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visited camelot with my son one sunny morning spent a couple of hours here having a good look around all areas if im honest i enjoyed it better when closed than when it was open majority of rides have gone but still a enjoyable wonder around didnt see anyone else here or security so heres my pictures and a bit of history ill use some from when it was still open..

Camelot theme park takes visitors in a world of wizardry and heroic knighthood with a mix of rollercoaster rides and live entertainment.

Thrill seekers will appreciate 'Knightmare', a new ride that will take you up to G-Force 5, over a half mile track, lasting nearly two minutes.

Other rides which are not quite as extreme include the Rack, Excalibur 2, The Galleon ship and Karts. Height restrictions apply on all rides so there are child friendly alternatives like a junior dragon coaster, tea cups and merry go round as well as indoor and outdoor play areas.

In between rides you can enjoy live action jousting, where the dashing knights compete for honour. Merlin performs his magic twice a day in the castle with help from his unconventional assistant Scoop.

Squire Bumpkin's farm is situated in a quiet corner of the park and visitors can spend time meeting various animals such as piglets, ponies, lambs and goats.

There are a variety of places to eat in the park, including some healthy options or you can take your own picnic









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