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I spotted this on my Facebook page as I subscribe to the Caminito del Rey page. As it is in Spanish I put it through Google Translate, not the greatest translator but I thought ok after I read through it.
A bit like a lot of tourist sites such as Mount Teide Tenerife, you have to book a time to walk.

Below is the link to the Facebook page and below that the translation.


March 1, 2015

After years of delays, delays and failed projects, this past Tuesday's website Caminito del Rey opened the booking platform to meet this stunning enclave. In just the first six hours, 10,500 reservations processed this page, along with 30,000 unique visitors. Almost a week later, this number is much higher, but there are still many disputed questions in various forums, so it's time to make some clarifications.

Why should I go where?

This has been one of the main issues, as the Caminito del Rey has two entrances -the north and south Ardales Álora-, and at the time of booking is essential to indicate preference. Not surprisingly, the 600 people who enter every day they will shift 50 depending on the chosen boot sector. Although both doors are from SOUTH we recommend choosing corresponding to the southern part of Caminito, ie, by Alora. Although the short drive takes place at a similar time, the only commuter train stops at the station of El Chorro, so if the option is to go to the railway Caminito, choose this entry will be essential. Adif plans, from March 28 to intensify these connections, but when the day comes chosen at this website (http://www.renfe.com/viajeros/cercanias/malaga/) may plan the trip without any type of problem.

How do I get back to my vehicle?

As announced by the president of the council this week, the course has a maximum of 8 km from one end to another. Although the entrance is a precise and concrete gate time, this does not mean that the course has to be straight without stopping. Once you have transferred the control booth to mark the start, visitors can wander at will these kilometers as they see fit. Importantly, if the full path is made and intends to return to the vehicle, this tour will therefore not be 8 kilometers but 16 because they realize it will return. An important for those who are not so used to walking several kilometers detail. El Caminito del Rey will be there many years, so you do not need to walk more than you really can. In this link you can see a full map of the route and recommendations.

What am I going to find?

El Caminito del Rey has grown in recent years imaginary as a dangerous and risky place, only valid for a few brave. The poor state of the previous route together with a trail of misfortunes caused some time ago its closure, and the new infrastructure has eliminated these dangers. Nevertheless, the Caminito del Rey is not a walk in the woods. Gateways, the suspension bridge at 105 meters high and steep walls create an inevitable sense of vertigo. Although safely, this enclave has some peculiarities that users should know, because this point is matched only by the narrowness -, in some areas of the walkway. Visitors will not be risking their lives (nothing is further from reality), but we must be aware that impact those most impressionable members. That, indeed, is the great attraction of the Caminito del Rey. See video here

Fitness What should I have?

It was made public at the official presentation this week, that the only express prohibition was not assistance under 8 years. Nevertheless, we must bear in mind that the journey is long, and if it begins with the southern entrance of Alora this will be difficult. This includes a series of steps, in addition to cross a valley between the gorge of Gaitanes and Gaitanejo. The characteristics of the place make that mobility is somewhat complicated, so while there not be an athlete to know the location, it is necessary to take into account this reality. On the website of Caminito they have developed a series of recommendations that should be read before going, and avoid any surprises once we are on the course. Here you can check out these tips.

And now ... enjoy

El Caminito del Rey has become the main attraction of the province, and the expectations are enormous. In fact, international guides like Lonely Planet have echoed and have included the place as a "must experience for 2015". The best option is to book a tee time as early as possible, so we can enjoy the tour in full, including making a short stop in the valley connecting the two runways, where there will be room for about for recreation, take a snack and rest. In reality, the present, in which all live in social networks will inevitably find hundreds of photos of users made in this enclave. It is true that the helmet (mandatory) can prevent us to lodge, but it is becoming increasingly clear that the 'hashtah' #CaminitodelREy the social network Instagram will smoke from March 28. Malaga has a new attraction, and although it has been slow in coming, this is the time to enjoy it.
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