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Report - Canaletto, London - March 2014


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Canaletto, London - March 2014

So I'm kicking off my first post on the forums with this solo trip to Canaletto near old street station.
The original plan was to go to the eagle but security was to tight so I decided to settle for this instead.

When I went the building was around 20 stories high if I remember and upon completion it will be 31 stories and 96m high.

There's not much to say about this one. It was a nice trip and didn't have any bother whilst up there.

Here are the pictures - It's my first time using a DSLR and taking pictures at night so sorry if they're a little over edited.
(The first photo is not by me)







Thanks for looking. Sorry for the lack of text and inside shots. I look forward to posting more in the future.


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