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Report - Cane Hill Asylum, Coulsdon - June/July 2008


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He's got his fingers into everything that bloke lol. I might have to google that later, I wonder what his idea of doing that would be?

Heroic J

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:(Few years ago Simon Cornwell talked about a virtual 3D creation of it. Don't know what happened to that though.
I would love it if that actually happened...I too was one of the unfortunate ones to not explore this once grand asylum


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you had my interest at

"and canoes"

lovely pics from here mate one i sadly didn't get to see

professor frink

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I get all nostalgic looking at these images and regret not going there more, similar to WP where they just locked the doors and wandered off.


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Brilliant report.

The Asylum Scene breaks my heart.

I watched the whole thing unravel, and kept saying to myself 'I'll check these out soon'.

Rather naievely I assumed they'd be around forever, and of course 'soon' never came.

The only one I managed to see was St. Johns.

Thanks for sharing :)

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