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Report - - Cane Hill - Early November '08 | Asylums and Hospitals |

Report - Cane Hill - Early November '08

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Power Junkie

After months dreaming of doing it and an equal amount of time wasted not following the dream, I've finally gone and done it, so excuse the gushing noob-styled pansy post.

Week 1 - The Nurses Block
Week 2 - Walking around in the rain failing to get into cane Hill and doing the nurses block with a videocamera
Week 3 - Cane Hill Asylum virginity smashed to pieces!

...and what an asylum she is.

Rather than another solo explore, my fellow stealthy Ninja's on this trip were Mexico75 and Esposa - a cracking pair of explorers.

We arrived at about 1pm on a Saturday, which meant there were still workers on site.
Walking around we caught sight of a hi-vis jacket in the distance and figured it was a worker having a fag break and possibly scuppering our chances of getting in.
It didn't take too long to figure out it was just a jacket hung up on a wall.
Noob nerves on edge.

Whilst wandering around the fence and making our way to our planned point of entry, we bumped into another trio of explorers.
It was obvious to both groups what the other was up to and so we were happy to stop and chat to them after that initial "....alright there?...."
Good thing we did, as they told us there was a much easier way in that I'm sure has since been blocked as it stuck out like a sore thumb wrapped in a pink band-aid and singing 'Relight My Fire'.

So we decided we'd wait until roughly 2pm and then head in, followed shortly after by the other group who were off to get a bite to eat in Coulsdon.

I suggested we exchange mobile numbers just in case something happened and perhaps we could help each other out.
It turned out to be a good idea as they ended up being caught by security 3 times.
The Squibb's workers were kind enough to allow them to do what they had to and then get out quick as external security knew they were there...external security a.k.a Ralph the Mouth and his rabid hound Zoltan...more like internal insecurity.

I have to say that the guys were fantastic in keeping us up to speed on developments and at every bust, so chaps if you're out there, a big thanks even though the pressure was on you to get out quick.

We managed to wait until 1:30 and then thought "Fuck it" and went in.
Here follows a brief pictoral journal of that afternoon.

As with last time, I apologise again if the photo's suck, but it was my first asylum and to be honest, the first time I've tried to capture what I've felt and the first time I've had such an amazing opportunity.
So many firsts.
There is a little HDR, a little PS and a little as is.
Hope you enjoy.












Finding this little beauty was a real treat.
I was hoping to come across this but it was like a needle in a haystack and there was no gaurantee it was even still there.

Funnily enough, as we entered the block with the Monopoly board, I spied a little warning sign.
Motioning to the Nikon Ninja's, I pointed down at a table with a seemingly fresh box of fags on it.
I picked it up and gave it a shake and heard a rattle.
A lighter stuffed inside.
The side room to the right had a few cans in it.
This was internal Squibb security's new base room.
Fucking shitey bollocks, they're supposed to live in Johnson...and we're in K....

Still...didn't stop us going the length of the block and exploring but with the cameras safely tucked away in our backpacks.​


I'm rather happy with how this came out.​

So anyway, we managed to cover a huge amount of Cane Hill - in fact going by the map, we covered from the back, right up to Browning/Blake and the entire west side.
Unfortunately, in our haste to get to Browning we lost the opportunity for some excellent shots (which I'm going back for).
Here are some of my less than excellent shots.










By the time we reached Browning, we had about 15 minutes of daylight left.
We would have had more, but we were pinned down by an outside wall due to the fact that Ralph & Cujo were nearby.
The slack jawed luditte must have had his Nike Air on as he seemed to cover us left to right in a record space of time...either that, or there were two dogs on site...or a dog in the field...or an echo...or we were in ultra-high def-paranoid safety mode.




By the time we started to head out, it was pitch black.
We considered walking right down the middle of the exposed demo part and hoped to be picked up by security and then such luck.
We weren't exactly quiet.
The one time you want Zoltan Hound of Dracula and his inbred Steptoe looking handler or possibly heavy handed illegal immigrant nightwatchmen and we get sweet F.A

Eventually, we gave up trying to be noticed and back tracked our original path...only to come up to a dead end; the only alternative was to tread across a floor that felt as if it would give any minute.

Hugging the walls, we managed to get past the obstacle and were soon on our way back to our original point of entry.

For a first visit, and to have covered such a huge amount of the hospital and not get caught once in the process made my nuts swell up with pride.
I'd like to think my fellow explorers felt a twinge of something similar.

A huge thanks to Mexico75 & Esposa and that trio of explorers we met.

Surely there's something to be said about the sanity of the sane trying to break in juxtaposed with the insanity of patients who have tried to break out.

Perhaps we're not so different after all? mission is to go back and do the mythical Solo all nighter.

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