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Report - Cane Hill Surrey 2/11/06


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Today’s mission was a bit of a special one as we needed pics of specific areas in which to help with someone's project, who unfortunatly had to work.

Parked up about 1.00pm and made our way through the undergrowth towards the legendary Cane Hill. Every time I see this place i feel like a fat kid in a sweet shop. This place is a must see for every any Urbexer, but be warned its tighter than a Nun to get inside. Didn’t spend too long on the footpath and we were soon making our way inside in to on of the wards. First objective was to get to the chapel, whilst making our way there we heard dogs barking from the direction of the chapel/admin so we thought we would waste some time in one of the smaller wards. After a while to sound of dogs subsided and we decided it was now or never to get over to the chapel.

We were trying to find a room that apparently sit up in one of the corners of the chapel. Too a few photos then made our way over to Admin. Once inside Admin we heard security at the front gate, quickly took the photos we needed, and a few more we got in to the other side of Admin which very few people see, got up the clock tower etc and saw the site where SAS blew up part of Admin, bastards. At this point we still wanted to get on top of the chapel to find this room, so after Ridds nearly going through one of the roofs and me slicing up one of my hands, we can now confirm that it is not there :( .

By this time we had been inside for over 4 hours and it was getting dark rapidly. After a few more snaps we had a quick look in on the pharmacy we made our way out, we had got what we had come for (other thread to come I’m sure). Had to dodge a patrolling security van on the way out which made it that little bit more exciting! :eek: :eek:






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