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Report - Cane Hill

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it was the beginning of our weekend explore, and day one was to be Cane Hill. immortal owl, kirkbride and myself met at 6 on a dark cold saturday morning, and after leaving home 3 and a half hours before we were determined to get in!!
when i first discovered 28dl, riddlers report on cane hill was one of the first reports i'd seen, and it was then that i knew i had to see this place. its taken a while to say the least, co-ordinating a weekend off work for the three of us, some valuable recce work by owl, we were set!
access was fun:thumb:thumb heave, ho!!
we started off in zachary, and worked our way round. we were pretty on edge, as you could hear security knocking about every now and again. got to see everything that we could have hoped for, mortuary, browning and blake, church, admin artwork and much much more:thumb

cane hill did not fail to live up to my expectations, it surpassed them in all aspects. the church is so much more beautiful than it seems in the pictures, seeing so many patient notes and records was ace, we could have sat for hours just reading through, but with only so much daylight and lots to see, we had to keep moving round. i really enjoyed looking through some of the artwork, although was a little concerned about the gaps in the floor that the paintings may have been hiding:eek:
the day went unhitched, apart from each of us finding very sketchy floors at some point (especially kirkbride:eek:), and kirkbrides minor camera disaster!!
then, on our way out of zachary, we walked past a sort of barn building that had a bench press and a load of weights inside it, then no sooner than we'd spotted that we heard voices:eek:. legged it round the back of the barn and peered over the wall to see security come in through the gate. we thought, it'll be alright he'll be gone in a minute, but no, the sod decided to do a workout, which we had to sit through. still, it was a good opportunity to tuck into some fruit pastilles, and chuckle in the knowledge that the security didn't have a clue we were only metres from him!!
an ace 12 hour explore, thankyou Cane Hill!!!

sunrise from ruskin

the church

notes from social work area

the knoced over piano in browing blake

slippers in browning blake

part of one of the doctors assessment sheets

some of Miss Violet Hales artwork


and last but not least, the most photographed phone in Cane Hill

once again, thankyou Cane Hill and cheers to owl and kirkbride for a top weekend, another 2 off the list!!