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Report - Cannon Brewery, Sheffield, June 2015


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Evening all!

Went to Cannon Brewery in Sheffield a few weeks back, it was a wonderful day weather wise and I fancied getting out and about so I grabbed a bag and a few cameras and went for a wonder. I had no where particular in mind, just a general walk about and I ended up going towards the old industrial quarter via the city centre. Did a quick recce on the Crown court, not idea for a midday visit but its on the agenda for an early morning trip now I've worked out access. Also went by the George Barnsley works and annoying access still baffles me. Walked past Cannon Brewery originally as I've been a few times before and got to Sheffield Ski village which was a huge disappointment as everything has been burned down and subsequently bulldozed into piles are charred timber. All thats left are the slopes which are pretty awful now.

To get home I had to go past Cannon again and to ease my disappointment I went inside. The good weather gave a lot of people the same idea as me clearly, as there were at least 7 other people there. A group of three with some pretty hefty camera gear, two American holidaymakers on a photo mission and a couple who I spotted going in while taking some exterior shots who I later found burning some herbs in the sugar room.

Although hardly my best visit, as I went alone and only spent an hour and a half there, I shall post a few pictures. These were taken on a digital bridge camera, I also took a load on my 35mm but I'm still waiting on the black and white film to come back from processing. Going to go back in the next few weeks with my housemate who hasn't been. I'll take pictures of the areas not covered here and maybe add a few after I've been.

I'll leave the history off as its been absolutely done to death, in brief there has been a brewery on that site since 1838, growing to be a very substantial plant. The office building was opened 1958 and the rest of the Brewery was rebuilt in 1962, which is now what stands today. The office building was sold off in 1985, and now belongs to a accountancy company. The rest of the site stands empty.



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