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Report - Cannon Brewery, Sheffield - March 2014


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William Stones started brewing in 1847, in Sheffield, and founded Cannon Brewery in 1868 after purchasing Neepsend Brewery in the same year. Stones soon became one of the richest men in Sheffield and worked up until his death in 1894. A light coloured beer, named Stones Bitter, was produced in the early 1940s and this soon became a popular choice amongst steel workers across Sheffield. In 1992 it became the country's top-selling bitter and, although a notable decline in sales has occurred in more recent years, it still remains one of the most popular ale brands across the UK. Cannon Brewery grew significantly as its reputation increased and sales prospered, to the extent that new offices, stores, workshops and cellars were all improved and developed. Respectively, many of Sheffield's public houses developed close ties to the brewery and Stones Bitter. An on-site public house was also opened within Cannon Brewery in 1964, originally named 'The Underground', but it was renamed as 'The Pig and Whistle' to service both visitors and workers, and this can still be found today (though their range of beer is now rather disappointing). Cannon Brewery was closed in 1999 following reports that were indicative of a substantial decline in the sale of cask ales.

Our Version of Events

We chose a very fine day indeed to explore the old brewery and the views of the city from the roof were fantastic, though our photographs don't really do justice. After expecting the entrance to be a difficult one, especially since the site is surrounded by a fair amount of activity, we were surprised to find that we slipped in with ease. Cannon Brewery is a large site and we spent many hours exploring its various areas; spending much time taking in in the artwork and the many objects that are strewn across the site.

1: Large Wooden Spools


2: Cannon Brewery Sign


3: Wooden Workbench


4: Rooftop View


5: Factory Yard


6: Inside Cannon Brewery


7: Cannon Brewery Decorative Window Cannons


8: Hanging Door


9: Inside Warehouse Shot


10: Classic Glass Shot

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The windows with cannon symbols here are a nice a nice site to behold.


The Lone Shadow

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The Cannon Brewery was used as a shooting location for one of Sean Bean's movies.
"When Saturday Comes"


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