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Report - Cannon Brewery, Sheffield - September 2011


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The History

The brewery was originally owned by Shepherd, Green & Hatfield and was taken over by William Stones in 1865. The company was highly successful and very profitable in to the second half of the twentieth century, brewing - most famously - Stones Bitter as well as Carling Black Label and various other beers and ales. The brewery itself fell victim to the decline in popularity of Stones Bitter and the ownership of the site changed hands a number of times in the years before its final closure in 1999.

The Explore

I've had the fortune of moving in to student accommodation relatively close to a stack of different abandoned buildings in Sheffield so thought it had to be done. Previous issues with a lack transport had lead to me not posting in ages but hopefully the amount of sites in the area will mean that I get some more stuff up. This place is trashed, I don't think I've ever seen quite so many broken windows, I found it relatively unremarkable accept for the Brewing halls and the rooftops (which were accessed through a door that was labelled conference room :crazy). It's a big site and I'm sure I missed bits so a return visit will be on the cards.

Anyone in the area who wants to visit or needs an exploring partner pm me. I'd love to explore George Barnsley and sons, if anyone has any info or is up for having a look that would be brilliant!

The Photos









Thanks for looking through, get in touch if you want to explore in the area :thumb

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