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Question - Canon 50mm Lens Options?


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Over the years i've had a couple of the cheap Canon 50mm f1.8 lenses. Photographically they have always done the job but they are pretty plasticy and shit and are constantly falling to bits.

Im looking for a replacement and they seem to do a new f1.8 option that looks a bit more sturdy but does anyone have this? Recommend?

Are there any others worth a look? Don't really want to spend big bucks and not sure i need f1.4 for what i do with it.


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They do an STM version now which is a bit more robust than the plastic EF 50mm mk2 which are the ones I presume you keep breaking. If you can seek out an EF 50mm 1.8 mk1 they have a metal mount and body and will set you back about £125. You can get a second hand 1.4 version for about £175-£200


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The new 50/1.8 STM is pretty great. Much better constructed and faster focusing than the old plastic fantastic job. M
I wouldn't bother with the 1.4. Slower to focus, louder, and just not worth the price upgrade. The 1.2L is fine if you have unlimited funds, but if you're going to throw 2+ grand at a lens I'd be getting the 85/1.2L. That thing is a stonker.


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What about the Yongnuo 50mm? At £45 a pop it's pretty expendable for risky urbex stuff. Image quality is about on par with the Canon.
If you're happy manual focusing, the Pentax-M 50mm 1.7 is tiny, built like a brick shithouse and optically fantastic. You can pick em up as low as a tenner, plus £3 or so for an EF mount adapter. Amazing little lens.

I repaired a Canon 50mm 1.8 that a customer wanted us to chuck in the bin and it was fiddly as hell, but not hugely difficult. Maybe you can resurrect some of your old ones? Build quality on the new STM version seems a little better but not enough to justify the upgrade.

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Look forward to seeing the results :thumb

I've killed a cheap 50mm f1.8 in the past, just bought a like for like as I'll no doubt break it again!


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The 1.4 is a step up most definitely from the 1.8- way sharper and lovely soft blur. I also have the Yongnuo 50mm which cost me £40 , its not as good as the canon 1.8 in my opinion , not as sharp.

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