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Report - Canon Brewery - Sheffield - September '14

Mr Sam

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well thought i had missed out on this and yeah missed I missed its good days fo' sure been wanting it since early 2010 when we walked past in from George Barnsley's to Stanley anyway on a last minute Sheff trip the other week none of my comrades bothered as they had been before so i cracked it solo despite countless rumours of it being sealed

A new £500,000 five storey brewhouse was operational by 1962, and was one of the most up to date in the country. An on-site public house was opened in the basement of the brewery in 1964, initially named The Underground, but later renamed The Pig and Whistle; it was used by brewery workers and visitors. At its peak the brewery produced 50,000 hectolitres of cask conditioned Stones each year. The office building was sold off in 1985. In 1992 a visitor's centre building was opened. In 1995 the brewery was used as a shooting location for the film When Saturday Comes. The office building is occupied by an accountancy firm, however the remainder of the site is currently unoccupied and derelict.
quick run around solo visit hence lack of photos ... Goldie87 & MD checked out another site then waited for me in the car














Will Knot

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I do like that place, different graff every time.....nice report and pics there Mr Sam :)

Thanks for sharin' :thumb

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