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Report - Cantankerous Drain, Manchester - April 2011.


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Cantankerous Drain, Manchester

First things first don't even think about going in here, I repeat...

...I've never ever aborted a drain before, and today was a real first, I now know why nobody has ever been through this place :eek:

For me it all started here, this is where the works outputs treated waste water in your riverZ


As you can see, not something you would ever dare to venture down, even in a dinghy :D

Fast forward nearly a year and I was keen to see if I could enter into the system further downstream

Siologen named this place a number of years back and after what I have experienced would agree, it's really that bad!

QUOTE "It was impossible to get proper shots as the waterflow was so violent i could barely stand let alone erect a tripod"

Agreed! the upstream sections were an absolute no go, I didn't even attempt to introduce my camera to the waterZ, so opted to follow it downstream, attempting access where I could, which in the end was only in a couple of places before giving up

This is where It emerges, following on from the Infall as seen above, It's very deep and fast flowing here so access was impossible without drowning


It then drops down a 3ft weir and is culverted underground for a short distance, trying to get in here was mental


Not to be put off I walked around to the other side and climbed down the ladder, it was waste deep and I would have just been dragged off my feet, a definate no go here also


Continuing downstream, I de-wad0red and followed it on foot



Eventually it reached this larger open section


before disappearing back underground through the grille


I decided to climb down and see if it was possible to do this bit


The ladders were loose, and the gantry had been piky'd!

I had no option but to traverse across a loose beam before standing on the remaining piece which was balancing on a rotten piece of wood and a pile of fanny plasters :crazy


It looked deep, the flow wasn't as violent, but with more uncertainty of what was ahead I thought it best not to attempt it solo



After climbing back up I eventually went in search of the Outfall, believing I would have better success there...Hmmm no such look

Just getting to the Outfall was a mission, and once in the Brook didn't seem too bad until I edged nearer the 2 stone tunnels


The flow was just as ridiculous as upstream, just not as deep, but the slippery masonry more than made up for that

I first headed into the tunnel on the left, the picture below makes it look tame, as I reached the bend I was being pushed back out and losing my grip with every step, I literally had to grip onto the stonework to get out, this one shot was a real effort


Next up I stepped cautiously into the right hand tunnel, the flow was even more ridiculous in here, I was nearly in the drink a couple of times and didn't even make it to the bend...



It was dangerous as fuck and without a wet suit I wouldn't ever entertain this place again :eek:

I packed my camera away quicktime and made my way out ASAP


Some things are best left alone, although I reckon I might just be stupid enough to one day go back with a wet suit and check out the upstream stuff :D


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