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Report - Capel Farm Cold War Anti-aircraft site

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This was a location I found by chance when checking Google maps prior to making my first ever visit to the Isle of Sheppey. A birds eye view of the site appeared similar to Farthingloe Battery in Dover, but with the main noticeable difference being no Command post in the centre. Being mindful that this site was nearby to the local farm and probably on their property, my wingman and I kept an eye out for the stereotypical mad farmer with accompanying shotgun. As we entered the area the first thing we saw was a locked Nissen hut which appeared to be in reasonable condition. Quite close to it was a bricked structure possibly a generating building. A path leads directly to the first gun emplacement, which to my surprise looked clear and for the most part, tidy. Next to this presented our first potential obstacle, 2 large padlocked gates! Moving a bit closer it was obvious that you could just walk round them as the fencing was missing. However, just as we were about to walk in my spider sense starting tingling and I clocked a speaker system and what looked like CCTV pointing straight at us, bugger. After a quick recce all the way around the site to see if there was a more suitable approach I decided to go check out another building which was in the next field but appeared to be part of the site. My pal said he was going to go roll the dice and head inside via the gates. Walking off to the other building I fully expected to hear a high pitched alarm go off and to see my mate give me the look of "oh clucking bell". The other building appeared to be another generating building. With the farmers work tools inside I didn't stay to look around as didn't fancy getting caught inside with all his gucci equipment. Heading back to my mate he said the alarm was not powered up so all was good. Stepping round the gates I got closer to the speakers then realised that what we thought was a CCTV system was just a smaller speaker, ffs!!! This part of the compound was the complete opposite to the first gun emplacement, and covered in dirt, old bits of garden tools, etc. Sharing a laugh about the whole CCTV thing we started to chill and take a few more shots. Whilst standing on an ammunition store I noticed a chap driving towards us on a quad bike, spider sense was definitely tingling now. Thankfully this guy drove round the compound and parked up just to the side, which allowed us to make a sneaky beaky retreat via the way we came in. He probably had no idea we were there and was just doing his rounds, but I agree with my wingman - always avoid angry farmers with shotguns, or in this case a quad bike.

I struggled to get much history on this site, which makes me wonder if it was actually part of a larger location, such as RAF Eastchurch.
Heritage maps state the location is known as Capel Farm Cold War Anti-aircraft site, but I suspect it was known by another designation.
It has four concrete emplacements designed to hold 3.7" AA guns but was possibly not armed. Only other piece of intelligence suggests that this compound may have been an Igloo 1 site, built after the second world war but before the demise of Anti-aircraft as a defense system in 1956.

Now time for a few shots.




















Till next time people, avoid farmers on quad bikes and keep that spider sense tingling