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Report - Capel Le Ferne Deep Shelter, October 2010


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Ok so i still have so much i can post up and also some recent bits but i have been busy lately and am still trying to fund my new computer.

After arriving late in Dover with Nik24 at a loose end we decided to have a look at an interesting plot of land. I believe KURG are currently excavating this site but we were unaware until we had found a way in. They have made great progress digging out the now 'lost' shelter but still a long way to go. Here are my pictures showing the stairs to what would have been the deep underground shelter dating back to WW2.

There are quite a few deep shelters around the dover area and most have been documented very well so with any luck this will be another on the dover list of explores. Good luck to the guys putting in the work.

The rain was coming down hard and it was pitch black. The time was now approaching AM and we decided to pop in for a look. Here we are on the landing looking back towards the top...


And the next flight of steps leading to the collapse

I will get down and see what further progress is made as soon as my camera is back in action. It has gone to the Dslr hospital atm :(


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right.... THINK this is the place, not exact but somwhere in this field, maybe in the trees up and to the right of the marker, il leave it to dark dog or obscurity to confirm...



styru i just checked on the leaflet i got posted through my door and im afraid the gift shops closed sundays....sorry mate:(

il PM Ian Hope and see if we can arrange for it to be open for a sunday group visit :rolleyes:


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heres another one showing it abit better and an old picture, think the deep shelter is the bit labelled "tunnel entrance" which is pretty much in line with where the PUBLIC FOOTPATH meets the road..... thanks to unfairytale for sharing the old pic



I can see what obs meens about it being easily accessible, looks like you can walk straight to it from the road!!


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My first time there tonight - so can anyone tell me if the girder things I see in the pics are strong enough to take the eye-bolts for my hammock?