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Report - Capper Pass & Son Sidings - E Yorks - Sept 2011


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I got a phone call yesterday from a friend i explore with, he'd just got back from here. He said it looked like someone was in the process of stripping the shunters engine down. A steel pole has been rigged up to use as a brace for a crude lifting system and valves etc are thrown about all over. I'd like to think someone is trying to get the beast running again but i seriously doubt it.

I know Dempsey and Boba Low have tried to drum up some interest in getting the shunter saved and I've tried to get some interest from relevant sources but no luck. So it seems its destined to be stripped.

These are some of the shots my mate PaulUE snapped yesterday.





While the site is close to what was part of Capper Pass & sons as stated in my original post, i've managed to find some closer history i think.

1921-1923 Humber Portland Cement Co. Ltd

1923-1981 BPCM (G & T Earles - Blue Circle)

Development costs of the site escalated during construction and although the kilns got under way in a faltering manner, the company was wound up in July 1924, the plant having been bought by BPCM and placed under the control of G & T Earle. In a “trial runâ€￾ it was said that “the output of the kilns was so much above the guarantee that the makers (i.e. Edgar Allen) were entitled to a large bonusâ€￾. The plant was radically redesigned in the early years of Blue Circle’s ownership, and the contract for the originally-projected third kiln went to Vickers, while the contract for Earle’s new plant at Hope went to FLS.

This is what the site looked like (images: Humber cement Kilns )....



And here's the shunter a few years after the closure.



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