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Report - Captayannis (the sugarship wreck in the river Clyde) 27th June 2012

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The Captayannis (the sugar boat) is a wreck on a sandbank midway between Greenock and Helensburgh on the river Clyde.
In 1974 during a huge storm it slipped its moorings and collided with a tanker. The Captayannis was holed in the collision. To save blocking a main navigation channel the captain managed to get the engines going and rammed it up on a sandbank with the intension of making repairs and getting it refloated off. Unfortunately when the tide went out it capsised and stays there to this day.


view towards greenock. note the cranes on the shoreline.


toots is right in her element here.


its pretty slippy to get onto

what a view you get from it. but even when overcast there is a glare from the water


toots hates me smoking so I had to go to the other end of the boat for a ciggy

I'll be going back sometime at low tide and should be able to get some inside pics

more pics at http://s1087.photobucket.com/albums/j461/pantomime_horse1/captayannis 27th june 2012/
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