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Report - Car Brook Downstream end, Sheffield - January 2012


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This place had been my personal nemesis for years as I attempted to track down the outfall, and having found what I thought was a mid-point above ground entry point which turned out to be 2 foot high I shelved it...

Turns out the mid point was a red herring and was a completely different culverted brook in Sheffield.

Anyway, skip forward a couple of years and Kaplan posted a report of the upstream end of Car Brook Here which got me interested... The grilled part of Kaplan's report is a good 2 miles away from the outfall into the river Don, so theres a HUGE section of culvert between the two.

I already knew where the outfall was, so Kaplan went to recce for a potential mission. The report came back 'looks stoopy & silty' but very do-able.

The entrance was actually more than 6ft tall, but at least 3ft deep in water with 18 inches of nasty silt.

Every step was a struggle, and released grim smelling gases. :popcorn
At this point I said 'What the fuck am I doing here?' but still decided to carry on.

After 150 metres or so the silt started to shallow off and the water soon followed. We were then confronted with a 5ft brick arched tunnel but with little water in the bottom. This lasted for about another 200 metres and then changed to a 4ft RCP requiring MORE stooping. :(

We decided to push on a bit further to see what was ahead before deciding to return at a later date with drainboard to continue to the end.

Anyway, after all the aggro I was determined to get some pics:-

Scummy water




5ft Brick arched tunnel


4ft RCP


There is unfinished business here, so no doubt will be back in the future. :thumb

Bigups to Kaplan for getting me off my arse for this!​


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