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Report - Car Graveyard Wales June 2019

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28DL Full Member
Jesus! There's some nice cars going to waste in there, that Volvo would be the one I'd save! Well found that and thanks for sharing


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28DL Full Member
I guess a lot of these cars are classed as 'Classic' only by their age rather than their attributes. The P1800 Volvo is nice though why is it there, engine or gearbox shot? Due to the Volvo's exposure on TV it has always been fairly desirable. The 'S' version means it was built in Sweden I believe. The rest appear to be parked up as beyond their natural lifespan as a politician may say.
I do like to find the odd old car abandoned and rotting away, back in the 1970s it was great to go into a scrapyard, climb a stack of six cars just to sit in an old E Type Jag or even a 1950s Cadillac(in a certain Southend yard)
Ha! Yeah remember doing that when you were allowed to go in and have a climb around looking for what you needed!


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28DL Member
You'd be lucky to be handed the location man!
I love cars myself and could only wish to see this spot, ill continue my research till i find it.. :thumb
I've tried every search term I can think of :(! But if i find anything fancy a trip there?

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Great report. What a waste,( from our point) but a collectors dream. Even me, I would love to restore an old classic. But as @mookster says these are probably very precious to the owner too. They know what they've got there. Lovely thread this


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28DL Full Member
Some of my dream motors in there, Volvo P1800 and Range Rover Classic :( Hurts me to see them just left there but nice photos!

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as a classic car restorer it brakes my heart to see all these going to hell in a hand basket , end of the day most of these will be vin plate resto's , yank tanks is where the scene is going nearly all the lovely british classic have turned to dust ,

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