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Wanted - Carbide Nozzles


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28DL Full Member
I'm after a couple of nozzles/burners for the standard size screw thread arras/premier crestella carbide lamps, preferably around the 14l mark(smaller is okay, bigger isn't). Any chance anyone has some/know where I can them?


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I know a man with a bag full. Il have a word!

Do you know if he's still got some 14 litre nozzles? Would be happy to pay the going rate.



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Nope hes the man you bought your lamp off and it turned out he has a bag of nozzles that are way too large to use in lamps like we used (hence why your lamp has a way too large nozzle). He got them off the same ebay seller you got yours off (hence why the ones you got to replace the one you have are also way too big)

(sorry the whole situation is quite amusing!)

Why don't you try and get a petzl jet and fit that?


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Ahhhh. Arse, feck and bugger then. I can see why you're laughing, round and round and round in circles we go!

So im out 15 quid but to be fair the seller openly said he didnt have a clue about the specs of the things.

OK So a petzl is the way to go, I'll have a look into converters.


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Sorry I should have listened more carefully to you guys when you were nudging me towards a petzl jet in the first place.

Thanks for the offer mate! :) I'll give you a shout if I don't get anywhere.


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Old thread but may be worth a shot. I'm looking for a 28 or 21L tip with a conical thread. Are any of your too large ones around that size, should look similar to the link below. Can't find a suitable one online.



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