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Report - Carlett Park Oil Pipelines and Storage, Eastham - September '11


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We had planned to visit another site, but ex0 and kromax had chickened out because it might have rained (which it didn't really until we had finished). Instead, we looked at the closest thing to where we were, which was this site. The usual amount of derpness ensued, including me ruining a lightpainting shot with my in-your-face green pattern AF assist lamp... Big thanks to Xan for turning the day around and filling it with win!

THE HISTORY (from Xan)
Part of the Government Pipelines and Storage System (GPSS). The GPSS is a United Kingdom pipeline system run by the Oil and Pipelines Agency for the MOD. The network consists of some 2,500 kilometres of pipeline and 46 other facilities. The network is interconnected with several private networks. The network was built before World War II and was used to supply fuel for Operation Pluto.

The locations of these pipelines are marked with identification posts with bright yellow roofs with a thick black line. Even so, in March 2000 at Furness Vale near Whaley Bridge, High Peak, Derbyshire one of the lines was cut by workmen.

Private-sector usage is encouraged, but limited; the Oil and Pipelines Agency's task is to provide "maximum development of private sector usage of the GPSS, provided this does not impinge upon its primary purpose of supplying the required fuel for defence purposes and does not require capital investment from public funds."

There isn't a whole lot of referrences to this site on the net, aside from on Alan Turnbull's Secret Bases website. This site has been in Eastham for as long as I've been alive, and appears on Ordinence survey maps for the first time from 1976. The site has signs for Serco Gulf Engineering and Shell Refineries. If still owned by the latter it now likely forms part of the Essar pipeline.

From what I understand from planning applications submitted by the MOD to Wirral Borough Council in 2007, the capacity of the site is 11000 cubic meters.

As you can see from the intro the site is guarded my vicious guard sheep and a camera shy guard goat. Be wary, you have been warned!

[1 - Some of the tanks.]

[2 - Some sort of heater.]

[3 - Heater and storage tank.]

[4 - Chimney, probably for whatever heated the heaters.]

[5 - Heater controls and information panel.]

[6 - Tanks, with a Xan for size comparison.]

[7 - Pipelines with some very large, enticing handles...]


[9 - The place is buried quite far underground.]

[10 - Hut of sorts?]

[11 - Well maintained sections.]


[13 - Water mossy stuff.]


[15 - No duty.]

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