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Report - Carnsalloch, Dumfriesshire, May 2012


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28DL Full Member
Being my first exploration I was very nervous and excited at the same time. I chose somewhere that was quite close to home. It was a lovely sunny day, but when inside the house it took on a different atmosphere very damp and dark, and in some places, weak under foot.

Carnsalloch is a category A listed building just north of Dumfries. Although it has been empty since 2004, and fire damaged in 2007, there is still a lot to explore.

Although in some places there is a perimeter fence, most of it has fallen down or just no longer there. the caravans that sit outside the house are totally trashed, no one lives there then.

I didn't enter the fire damaged part of the house because it just looked as if it could fall down any time, but there was plenty more to explore. At the back of the building there is what looks like, at one point, a day room. The roof is long gone but the curtains are still hanging up. I found what was a laundry with still the washing machines and tumbler dryer in side.

After that I went on to the main part of the house. In some places work has been carried out and there is still power somewhere as there was a freezer plugged in with a light on. The main stair case looks very interesting, but I felt a little scared to go up.

After I went home I thought about Carnsalloch at lot and wished I had went up them stairs so I will be going back with reinforcements very soon.

The latest news in April 2012, is that Historic Scotland has granted a Building Repair Grant off £364,000. So I felt I had to go before work starts.