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Lead or Rumour info - Carrick Roads caves, Cornwall


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Sorry for the lack of detail in this post, it is only a recent discovery and i can find little information online.

I recently found a cave which looks man made in the cliff near Messack Point (St Just in Roseland). I could not get to the back due to flooding but it seems to go on for a long way. I have heard of other caves near Carrick Roads (the waterway from Pendennis Point/St Mawes up towards Truro), such as the one at Trefusis Point, which were used for smuggling.

Does anyone know anything about this particular cave or any other ones near Carrick Roads? Any info would be much appreciated as there doesn't seem to be any sort of maps or documents available.


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hey there, just this weekend i found the said cave and cant find any info online about it. it goes about 100 feet into the coast then forks off two ways, one way is very short then just stops the other carries on about 8 metres then stop aswell. maybe the smugglers got rumbled god knows, but id be interested to know of any other caves you know about around the fal estury, i want some more exploration!!!


Earthworm Jim

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I doubt either of you check this thread any longer, but I was just wondering on the off chance you do, if you could possibly post some hints or clues as to whereabouts this place is located.

I went looking there last week, all along the coast of Messack Point and found nothing, only found one possible spot but it looked like it was either blocked up or collapsed. If you could tell me which side of the creek it is on I'd be very grateful.

Any information you could provide would be useful though, thanks in advance.