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Report - Cars in the wood - Kent - April 2021


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Tbh there is no where to even put this report so I though I’ll just put in this !

The Explore
Today we went and explored some local woods in Kent, after seeing these cars online a few times and some help from a Non explore ( i assume someone who local ) they gave me the right direction to the cars

Getting to the cars was pretty simple as it on a public footpath pretty much in open woodland.

Iv has seen derelict cars before but nothing like this so it did amaze me but the weather wasn’t on our side and it was a little of a walk back, so had to be quick on snapping some photos

But defo someone where I’ll go back , is just a simple nice woodland walk with a twist

History :
history is unknow on these ! But have been told the cars are a Ford & cortina mk1








Xexxa the grey
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Cortina!!!! Finally. I identified my first classic car shell hahaha


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28DL Full Member
Photo 1 - Ford Cortina Mk1 rear light
Photo 2 - Ford Anglia 105E front end & roof
Photo 3 - Ford Cortina Mk1 rear lights & boot
Photo 4 - Ford Anglia 105E roof & most of rear end
Photo 5 - Ford Anglia 105E side & boot
Photo 6 - Ford Anglia 105E most of body ripped open


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28DL Full Member
My first car with four wheels was a Ford Anglia 105E, but in better condition than that one.


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28DL Full Member
The Anglia rear wing appears to have been blasted with a shotgun a few times!!

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