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Report - Casteby Tunnel Dec 28th 2013


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Hi all.

Having grew up in a village right next to Catesby we were always down there as kids. One Friday night we even camped in the 'Half way House!' We managed to get a fire going in there and everything was fine until the wind changed and the room we were in filled up with smoke!:eek:

Needless to say we survived tho!!!!

Walked through the old tunnel so many times I've lost count. If you carry on walking down the line at the Catesby end you will come to this beautiful viaduct.

When we got there yesterday (28th) you could see they have welded a big lock on the gates both ends :( Why oh why do they have to keep ruining lovely walks as such as this one.....

Not much has changed down there since we were kids apart from the build up's running down the walls.

In the halfway house under some bricks is a little sandwich box containing items people have left in there over the years.

A fantastic walk and site for anyone not just old railway enthusiasts (such as myself).

If anyone knows any other great places in surrounding Northampton areas please let me know! I've been looking at some old Asylum photos on here and wow!!:thumb

My names Steve and I'm new to this site, I'm 36 and LOVE old places that are no longer in use.

Thanks all.:D






I'm always up for exploring so if you're ever over Northampton way giz a shout!!!:thumb

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