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Report - Castello con Capella, Italy - June 2019


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The castle dates back to medieval times. In 1233 Benedictine monks built a fortified manor here. It was sold in 1334 and expanded to include four towers. At the end of the 15th century the castle was divided and had several owners. From 1539 onwards it served as a residence for noble families. Further renovations were made during the 19th century. During World War II it was inhabited by the Wehrmacht (Nazi German army). Proverbs and paintings on the walls leave a stark reminder of their presence. It has been abandoned ever since the war.

Some beautifully decorated rooms

This Reichskriegsflagge (war flag of the German Reich) featuring a Nazi swastika serves as a reminder of the darker times the castle has endured. It appeared to have been painted over at some point but since uncovered again

More reminders of the German army's presence during WW2. The writing on the left translates as "We don't reach our goal with silence and idleness, but with energetic, stubborn struggle."

Chapel (Built around 1600)

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Fantastic, love churches. Wow high ceilings here. That chapel has stood the test of time well . Excellent report as per :cool::cool::thumb