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Report - Castmaster Roll 'Eagle Foundry' - Sheffield - August 2015


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Castmaster Roll entered administration in October 2014. I forget who gave me the lead in the first place but it was probably Dave and Joe as they tend to be the source of most leads on stuff like this! Administrators tried to save the company but predictably by the end of the year all 78 workers had been laid off and an auction of assets was being organized.

We first visited the site at the beginning of May but alas, although it looked very intact, we just couldn't find a way inside! Today's attempt was much simpler however. Luckily we seem to have made it in just about soon enough to see the foundry in a pretty intact state, the machine shop had been emptied already but never fear, the place had a few surprises up its sleeve to make up for that! Firstly we discovered one of the best medical rooms ive seen in a long long time. A amazingly dated room fulled to the brim with crazy old first aid parifinalia. Secondly An anonymous door lead down under the foundry floor into a lovely old air raid shelter.. amazing what can be found when you look!

History on the company is a bit sparse. The Stevenson Road site became a roll maker about 95 years ago. It was known as Davy Roll but, after going into receivership, was reborn as Castmaster Roll in 2003, taken over by new owner Mel Farrar. Rolls were mainly manufactured for use in steel rolling mills with Castmaster being one of the last European suppliers still able to make them. Orders will now have to go out to Turkey or further afield :(

Strangey the companys website is still live and has some more info on what they once manufacuted http://www.castmasterrolls.com/index.htm
















Machine Shop









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First rate report, personallyI have to say the fact that you keep coming up with the goods up and and down the country is somewhat of an embarrassment to the rest of us. don't get me wrong there are plenty of great explorers on here but time after time your doing first rate new explores…please don't come to Manchester and show us up…(again) now whens the tour bus leaving.


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The reason we are always coming up with new things is that's pretty much all we do, go look at new things.. If everyone else only ever checked out new stuff then they would be in the same boat too, its not some kind of special urbex powers we have or anything its just a case of using our time efficiently and productively.. Its weird really, once you break the back of it its actually a much easier way of seeing good stuff. At first it seems like alot of fails and 'wasted' effort when you could just follow someone else but after a while it starts to pay off and once you find a few good places you find everyone is following you and then they are so busy on your tail the whole time they dont have time to find anything for you to follow them to anyway if you catch my drift lol.

I guess what im saying is stop following and you will be surprised how easy it is to come up with a new site every week or two.
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Ho my

Been for a reccie this morning and this is what we discovered
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