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Report - Cat Beck/Port Mulgrave Ironstone Mine - November 2010


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My plan was to do Slapewath mine with an absail of 286ft into an air shaft, unfortunately after speaking with the farmer we have to have a meeting with his son to sign a contract so he won't be responsible incase of an accident, fair enough

So plan B was at hand, we travelled to Cat Beck near the coast, i could'nt find any history on this mine, mines just seem to disappear of any information

Cat Beck

Entrance to the mine was just a little hole in the Hill

Unfortunately this tunnel only went at a guess 150 Yards to the end, very small disapointing mine

Port Mulgrave (Plan C)

Again its hard to find the History of this mine but got some little info..
Port Mulgrave was opened in 1873 with a company called Palmer's Shipbuilding & Iron Co. Ltd they had it to the closure of 1890, one recorded death to this mine was a a boy aged 15 called Benjamin House, the boy was a Driver in the mine and on 02 Jan 1876 he fell before waggons, both legs broken, one amputated

Driver - boys employed to drive the horses, that draw the sledges, rollies and wagons, from the crane to the shaft

Inside the mine at Entrance, 2 shafts leading off one was rail


there where a lot of these at the side of the tunnel my guess they where pullies for the carts




The other tunnel was getting very boggy and very narrow, so we decided not to go any further

Some mining equipment left outside on pier

This mine was very boggy and messy, i would'nt be in a rush to go again

Apologies to any blurry pictures, im still learning my camera and never had my mentors Forsaken and goan with me :rolleyes:

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