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Report - Cathedral steps, Manchester - Dec '11


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28DL Full Member
Its been a while since i showed my face on here, so sorry to come back with another report on cathedral steps!

Like everyone freezes i couldn't believe i actually got down there as the previous entry was mental and way out of my league:D

"Visited with Everyone freezes, Bekoir & two non-members
We were also meant to be meeting up with Havoc, Rookinella, Ojay & Lawrence, but due to our mate Brady taking ages to meet us there,
and also our hesitance with the way in,
we only got in as they were leaving.

Thanks Havoc for making us all shit our panties & thanks to Rookinella for leaving us some cake"

"During World War II the stages and tunnels surrounding them were converted into air-raid shelters. The conversion, which included additional brick blast walls, took three months at a cost of £10,150 and provided shelter for 1,619 people. The cobbled surfaces shown in some of the pictures on the Manchester City Council website show the same network of tunnels before their conversion to air raid shelters. The land covered by the arches included a street, which led at the west end to a wooden bridge over the River Irk. The old road was covered over in an improvement scheme, which began in 1833.
The steps and landing stages have remained closed to the public for many years. In 1935 less elaborate steps were in place, some of which remained until 1971. In photographs taken in 1972, the arches are barred, and some are covered with metal grilles. As of 2009, none of the steps remain, and the original Victorian railings along the embankment have been replaced with a stone wall and new railings"

And now on with some pictures :thumb













Thankyou for reading :thumb

theres a few more pictures on the blog on my website if you wish to have a ganders... www.explorethenight.co.uk


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