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Cattistock Lodge, Cattistock, Dorset. Christmas 2018 overnighter.

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Hello, I am new here. First time signing up & first time posting.

I have been interested in Cattistock Lodge since I passed it & had a brief look around on the way to Somerset at the very end of last September. (Skip to 1:44 to see the Lodge).

After that cursory investigation of the buildings still standing & relatively intact I was hooked & vowed to return when I could spend more time.

Christmas Eve 2018 I returned - with my sleeping bag this time! - Spent the evening digging through the wreckage in the smaller house to the rear of the lodge & immediately began uncovering documents remarkably well preserved from as long ago as the 1930's. The following morning I continued to search, moved into the lodge itself & by about midday I had a folder full of clues & at least a basic idea of who had lived there. Disappointingly, only one picture of any of the Soulsby family, a young Percy G. on an election campaign flyer.

Chapter Menu in the comments section on this one. Click "YouTube" in the bottom right corner of the player window!

More recently I returned to the village although didn't enter the lodge this time. Visited the local cemetery & encountered a local lady who set me on the right path to search for the family's graves. I also followed up a couple of interesting leads by phone call & there is potentially much more to come from me on this story. I am hooked.

I am definitely going back. I have not even searched the upstairs of the lodge properly yet.

Thank you so much to the various contributors to this forum. I was determined NOT to read any of your stories until I'd conducted my own investigation but now that I have done, a really beautiful yet slightly sad story is emerging. Devastating that there is really so little in the way of photographic evidence of the place or the people who lived there online. I am hopeful there will be photo albums in there somewhere. & the will? The holy grail surely.
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