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Report - Cattistock Lodge , Dorset, July 2017


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I have been aware of Cattistock Lodge for some time, but never went there, until recently. I tried to find as much out about this place when I found @felix() who provided me with stacks of history.

Cattistock Lodge was owned by Margaretta (Peggy) Soulsby (believed to be inherited). In it’s time the house was very grand, with 8 gardeners and the head gardener living on the grounds in a cottage at the back. The story goes that at some point in the 90s a hole appeared in the roof, that Peggy for whatever reason didn’t get fixed. She was also living in London in a house owned by her late husband, so felt that she didn’t have to worry about Cattistock. Things didn’t work out in London and Margaretta had to return to her house which was by then, beyond repair. She lived in the house whilst it fell down around her. She was so used to parts falling down, there is a story of her having someone around, when the room behind them completely collapsed, and she didn’t even bat an eyelid. She never officially left the house and would return there right up until she died in 2016. Due to the appearance of the house she was burgled numerous times, the police put cameras all over it, and one guy got 22 months for burgling her 6 times. The central heating packed up around 2010 and the electricity had fading in and out for years. So she used to spend a lot of time with a friend in the village, or caring for her man friend in High Wycombe. Contrary to what people think, she was not a hoarder, as her family died off, she just had to use the rooms in her house to put the stuff from the other houses in. She beat cancer twice, but it got her the third time around, and she died in april 2016 aged 90. This of course means that, oddly, all the reports on here prior to this aren't reports of an abandoned building, just photos of the inside of someones home

Here is a brief snippet video of Peggy speaking about VE day. She was also in the news for having attended every major royal event since the coronation of George V. http://www.gettyimages.co.uk/detail...-service-whitehall-day-news-footage/646260994 I really wouldn’t advise visting this place (explained further in)

As for the building itself, there isn’t much to mention. It isn’t listed, as the original Cattistock Lodge (built circa 1700) was moved to it’s current position by network rail.

So @UrbexCamo and I went in, not much to see of anything, but this sign was rather interesting, as it was placed up whilst Margaretta was still living there!



WhatsApp Image 2017-07-10 at 16.01.59-1.jpg

Running out of things to look at I went back in to the front room when out of nowhere a chunk of plaster fell off the ceiling in front of me. Chavs have kicked the staircase out so we couldn’t have gone upstairs and unsettled anything, the place is just literally crumbling away. I would recommend that no one visit it. There is nothing to see and it is very dangerous, although if you do go and happen to find a will, do let me know. It is presumed lost/stolen.

And so concludes our visit to Cattistock Lodge. I hope the history was useful!


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28DL Full Member
Such a shame people trashed this place. Arseholes. Clearly a house with loads of history and memories with it. Went for a walk around a couple of days ago and it is sad to see the state of it now. Still a cool place to see but no way to get inside anywhere.


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