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Report - Cauldon Low Quarry Stoke 12/2010



Visited with Host …on another snow patrol…

History is scares on the net so heres what ive managed to find..


The quarries at Cauldon Low and Froghall provided limestone for the agricultural and pottery industries.

At one time thousands of men were employed in the quarrying and transportation of this mineral, either by canal or rail.

The last "sand train" from BIS (British Industrial Sand) ran down the Churnet Valley in 1988. The line is still in place, but has been mothballed.



This place is a gem with a three story maintenance workshop with what looks like untouched spares and repairs from many years ago. Even walking round the rest of the site the dust piles measure from a couple of mm to a couple of inches, I only saw one other set of footprints (J4M35 I rekon) .








What was a free and easy explore turned into a bad day at Bosnia for host after falling three times he finished of his accident prone day by swinging his camera round his shoulder and straight into his own face…ooopppsss,
And not five minuets later he was stuck between a snow drift and a metal fence , all I could hear was f@@k cun**ng hate this fu%”ing weather.







O yea this site is under demo(which seems to have stopped due to the bad weather) so get in quick. Just to add this is part of a live site so keep ya eyes peeled….


Thanks for looking Oldskool...........


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