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Report - Cautley House Christian Centre, Seabrook - 2017 & 2018


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Originally the Sea View Hotel, Cautley House is in every way as bland and and tacky as I expected. Built in 1888, it was extended to the east in 1906, became the Seabrook Hotel in the 1960s, Alfred’s Hotel in the 1980s and then a christian healing centre in around 1994. A care home was next on the agenda once the healing centre closed in 2011/12, it didn’t happen though as the building needed updating and was deemed unfit for such use. So it’s just sat empty since, although there used to be a live-in guardian person, but with the disuse and the decay commencing over a number of years they left too. Now plans are in for demolition it’s days as any kind of establishment are numbered, probably to be replaced by the non-affordable homes that keep springing up round here. And despite being accessible in some way or another most of that time it’s pretty untrashed apart from naturally falling apart.

Link to a bit of info and some old pics

Entrance/reception area/ground floor rooms

Later extension housing the dance floor and DJ booth/sacrificial altar with added air con

Even the printer has a opinion on brexit

Main stairs up to the locally-named suites

All the rooms were equally as meh, so much shades of beige in this place with 70s style avocado bathroom suites too. And balcony cat-flaps.

The most fucked part was the 1906 extension

Some signage and stuff

There you have it, worth an hour or so if you're in the area :)
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