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Report - Cavalier Attitude, Blackburn, 30/05/09


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Visited with OT and Dweeb.

Blackburn was originally a settlement on the banks of a small river called the Blakewater. The name Blakewater derives from 'black water', and probably described its appearance before the early 1800s when sewage was discharged into the river and it became a source of infection for epidemics such as scarlet fever, cholera and typhus.:eek:

The Blakewater was culverted during the industrial revolution, and now runs underground. The culvert was extensively modified in the 1960s during the redevelopment of the town centre and there are future proposals to open up parts of the culverted river so that the Blakewater will once again flow openly through areas of the town centre.
This culvert literally fell out of Google one day, and has been on the To Do list for a long time. After our trip to see the laughing cavalier of Edinburgh, the road home went virtually past this place so a detour was called for and the culvert was christened.

This drain is really old in parts and has been rebuilt a couple of times, it starts off high but gets a bit stoopy, it's full of fish and not too fresh. All side pipes we saw were too small for exploration but there is "Parrallel Universe" a break through into another concrete box section near the upstream end which we didn't explore other than poke our heads into...

Breaking my tripod on the way in, these pics suffered from me having to rest the camera on the broken remains.

Also note to self, Aldi PVC chest waders are a bad idea in 25 degree heat :eek:


Today, looking into the old partfrom the new concrete section being built in the old photo:


Looking Back:


Lots of changes in construction




We've explored the foundry this was cast in:

Drain Football. Everytime!

The name was already chosen, but seeing Cavalier Carpets just made it even more right! Fortunately the dog was gone.
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