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Cave Rescue - Important Announcement


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Hello everyone I hope you're all keeping well. It should go without saying, but after seeing a couple of people are still venturing underground at the moment, I thought it may be worth mentioning all Cave Rescue Organisations in the UK have asked that we stop exploring underground during the lockdown period. There are a number of reasons for this, here's just one of CRO's announcements last week:

"It’s obviously a very difficult time for many of you, keeping away from the hills and caves within our region must be a real wrench. But, listening and abiding to the advice of the government and the organisations such as MREW, BCA, FRA etc we are all doing our bit to flatten the curve.

From a team perspective, a shout during the current Covid-19 situation would be very difficult, we have had to put some very stringent measures in place to protect our personnel which would make any callout very time consuming and a lot more extra effort. We are a thinner on the ground due to members self-isolating, and to be frank we have all got to consider our families and our own wellbeing too when considering if we should be responding to someone who has got themselves into difficult situation during the current restrictions.

So, once again, thank you. Please continue to listen to the advice to stay local and exercise within your capabilities - no personal bests for the near future please! The hills and caves will still be here once we are all through this, and the grass will definitely be a little greener.

Stay safe, and have a great day."

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Also worth pointing out that my CRO have been asked to help out with food and medicines deliveries. This is our main priority at the moment so, should anyone be selfish and stupid enough to go underground and have an accident we will most likely be a great deal longer responding to you.

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The British Mountaineering Council, Mountain rescue teams and climbing web sites have issued similar guidelines and in the main people are taking heed.

God forbid that one of these extreme building / high stuff climbers trip over a step in the stairwell or cut their hand on a sharp edge on a handrail.
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I shall be staying out with my lads until we are aloud to venture out that day I will be under ground by 6am !


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The only expolring I'll be doing is "the understirs round trip" or possibly "the attic traverse"! both very short and not worth it, just like stepping beyond the front gate!

(Only going out to do essentials and to get to and from werk!!)

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