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Report - Cavendish House, Dudley 09/08/17

Post-apocalyptic Pete

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Apologies that this is a rather abridged report, details why can be found here

Your typical 1960s civil Service office block (As a civil servant I have worked in several similar looking buildings!), shut in the early 90s (Based on the evidence of one of my photos, unless anybody knows better?) After many years sealed, it seems to have opened up around 3 years ago and has rapidly fallen into a state of extreme disrepair since. Current plans are for demolition at the end of the year, but looking back at various articles suggests that this has been the case for at least the last 10 years. The bulldozer would probably cause several million pounds worth of improvements to the locality...

The explore
Went solo for this one (Although I wasn't alone as linked above!) Due to the events of the day, I didn't take any externals. Local delinquent children aside, there isn't much left inside Cavendish; the view from the roof is undoubtedly the highlight, although I suspect that the beautiful, panoramic views of, erm, Dudley may not be as attractive as the view from roof tops elsewhere ...


Views from the roof


Boiler room on the roof level; the white dots give an idea of the Biblical amount of pigeon shit on the top 2 floors


Engineers room on the top floor, I was unsure what these were, any ideas?


Irrelevant shot of the ceiling at the top of the stairs, I just love peeling paint shots :)


Down to the 6th floor, looking along the corridor towards the canteen


Sticker on the door to the canteen


Kitchen just off the canteen


Looking through the serving hatch from kitchen to canteen


Fire hose reel; the last inspection date was in 1991 and similar reels are found elsewhere, all with a 1991 inspection date. Reckon this is when the building closed.


5th floor office


4th floor office


3rd floor


I work for HMRC (Formerly Inland Revenue) so tempted to check the internal directory when I get back to work and see if any of these people are still in the Service.

It was at this point I smelt fire and heard sirens coming, so decided it was best to leave; I doubt I will bother going back...

Thanks for looking


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Got a friend in the Council there who told me that the place, because it's been smashed up, has lots of exposed asbestos.
Tread carefully, or better still, not at all (if you value your lungs)


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It was apparently bedsits in the late 90s early 00s and once housed a pirate radio station around 2000/01 which would have been great signal wise from the roof!

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