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Report - Cawdor ROC Post, Nairnshire/Highlands and Islands - January 2020


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Date of visit: 11/01/2020

Apologies in advance for the possibly awful photos. I don't have a fancy camera, just my phone and this is my first "documented" exploration into something other than a few Pillboxes and abandoned houses.)

Information provided by Subbrit.org
Post opened: 1960
Post closed in 1991

Information provided by Ringbell.co.uk

This post was part of the UKWMO Caledonian Sector (headquartered at Dundee) and was under the ROC Group 30 designation (headquartered in Inverness), as it stood, it was Post 61 and along with Post 62 at Tomatin, would have reported to Post 60 at Fortrose which was the Masterpost in the event the Teletalk network went kaput.

Okay, so I have been to this before as a dry run to see how accessible it was, turns out on that occasion a few months ago it was more accessible in some ways than it was now. So, the hatch was unlocked on that occasion and there was a brown wooden ladder, I decided to return last night with a rope ladder to access it and ascertain its status.

So, while my previous visit had been uneventful, this time I got clarted in mud, the field has recently been ploughed and it has been raining so I ended up caked in it by the time I got to the hatch. Hatch was still unlocked, no T-key required.

The counterbalance is still there, albeit still disconnected so the hatch weighs a fair bit and I "closed" it on my fingers previously. The vents have had the concrete grills kicked in or otherwise damaged, outside of that it appears to be in good condition (presumably this is why all the dead animals are inside.)

Hatch open, ladder down, in I go.

Dry, stinks of mustiness though. Several desiccated corpses of rabbits and a mouse are visible. As is a lot of garbage, beer bottles, cans of something (root beer?), chunks of styrofoam, general detritus.

And of course, the Teletalk (both old and new) are completely gone, along with the whiteboard, blue can of Glitto, the flares or charges and their relevant detonator, several forms are missing, some have been torn up and were dumped in the bin, possibly in an attempt to start a fire. The sump pump is still gone as is the ladder (wasn't expecting them to have returned, but hey-ho), the clock and other misc bits and bobs identifiable in the 2008 visit and the spare "mind your back and head" sign) are missing. I suspect they've passed through eBay, hopefully, they're adorning somebodies cold war man-cave and not a landfill.

The carrier receiver is still mounted to the wall, no damage to it. Oddly, it has "Aberdeen 16" on it, not sure what this relates to. The unit opposite has been damaged, but the parts could be repaired with some superglue if you were so inclined. The government issued grease paper toilet paper is still there, although I don't suspect anybody would use that for anything, nevermind its intended purpose.

Everything else appears to be in good nick, so I used the bin, kindly provided by the ROC, to dispose of the rabbits outside and tidied up a bit before I left, although it could seriously do with a good hoovering and some of the random bits of junk dumped.

Images before the cleanup:



Images after the cleanup:





Calamity Jane

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Good 1st report. You`ve given everything correctly. History, explore, and a few solid photos. So big well done :thumb

Old Git

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28DL Full Member
Spot the modern Elsan toilet. Who put that there? Seems the missing ladder has done this one a favour.


Weirdy Beardy
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Never seen a missing ladder, aren't they usually fixed into the concrete?

See the obligatory can of Glitto. Usually the blue and not the green though.


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28DL Full Member
That's in pretty good condition for a ROC post, that's a bit wierd with the ladder- only thing I can imagine is someone restoring the post and wanted to deny access to it in the meantime?

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