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Report - Caynton Knights Templar Cave, Shropshire - September 2014

Mr Sam

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Your guess is as good as mine as to what this place actually is!

The caves are certainly very odd looking and a little spooky. As a result, they have become very popular for nocturnal Satanic rituals. Unfortunately, not everybody thinks that is such a good thing. When two warlocks turned up at a house nearby asking if they could have their cloaks back – they’d left them accidentally in the cave one night – the locals decided enough was enough. Now the caves are locked.
as you pass through the badger hole it opens out into a spiral as you get further in the headroom improves slightly, the stone bowl is said to be some sacrificial device








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Re: Caynton Knights Templar Cave - Shropshire - September '14

Yeah never heard of it before.

Mr Sam

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got more underground stuff of same type if anyone interested? the other is honestly truly sealed now due to umbexors posting online in such domains as 28dl.... i mean local kids getting pissed up and graffin the place up
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That's pretty cool and something I've not heard of before either. :thumb


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according to the daily mail its all used by satanists..yep cos there the only people who use T- lights lol
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