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Report - CEAG Lighting, Barnsley - May 2011


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Why is it that whenever I arrange to meet up with jST, he always picks some ungodly hour? :crazy

So another early morning, 4 sites on the to do list, first stop Barnsley.

Retrospek's report last week sparked an interest and I must admit Barnsley's not a place I get to much even though its only 20 minutes away, so it was high time I rectified that.

In 1912 the Home Office, anxious to discover a Lamp which would conform to all safety and performance requirements, inaugurated an International Competition, and prizes to the value of £1000 were offered for the best lamps submitted, the first prize being £600.

The "CEAG" Electric Lamp won the £600, 200 lamps of various makes being submitted.

By 1919, some 500,000 CEAG lamps were supplied to 300 installations.

Manufacture of Miners Cap Lamps continued upto 2005.

1930 Catalogue

Source and more pictures

Since that early venture into lamps for the mining industry, CEAG has expanded to supply
Railway signal lamps
Train lamps
Long life lamps
Marine lamps
Low voltage incandescent lamps
Ministry of Defence N.A.T.O. lamps
Long life lamps up to 8,000 hour

Products are marked under the registered trade name "LUMAX".
CEAG moved into this site in 1936 and occupied it until 2006 when they relocated to a new building.

(Apologies for the slight duplication of pics to previous reports - despite being a fair size building, there's not a huge amount of interest.)



Medical Room






As with many industrial sites, the Maintenance department threw up some goodies (I think Maintenance men are just natural hoarders)


You can still buy this stuff, but the packaging is not quite as interesting these days :(


Wallpaper? Made out of wool? That'll be "woolpaper" then :thumb
This was in the Managing Director's office.

As mentioned on previous reports, there is evidence of drug abuse in here and it seems to have been lived in at some time, so be on your guard.​


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