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Report - Cellars Clough Mill, Marsden - April '17


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Cellars Clough Mill

A very brief pop in on a sunny afternoon with a mate, using some of his photos with his permission (@Maxjsen/@itss_max - Instagram) The mill is situated east of Marsden towards Slaithwaite right next to the canal path, in and around the mill ponds popular with fishermen. Didn't get a full look round as the trains don't come that often round these parts so will definitely be heading back soon with a full report to follow; meanwhile here are the somewhat amateur snaps we got.


Originally a wool mill opened in 1888 by Samuel Firth of Marsden. Fast forward to the 60s where it was owned by Fisher, Firth & Co. who became Cellars Clough Woollen Mills Ltd in 1981. The company has now stopped operations hence the closure of the mill. Sadly the iconic chimneys had to be demolished due to safety concerns. There have been many plans throughout the years to develop the site in accomodation and leisure facilities.


~ @Maxjsen


As you can see almost every window has been broken by some scrote/tramp/junkie however this adds to the whole rustic abandoned feel.

The visit

There was a negative security presence and access is fairly easy and even though most of the equipment has been removed there is still lots to look at and many nooks and crannies to explore. My favourite feature was the lift shaft, still with complete elevator resting at ground level free to walk in and out of.



There is a complete concrete staircase leading all the way to the top floor which is blocked off well at ground level however with some quick thinking you can easily and safely gain access. A nice feature of the mill is the fact that even on a glorious sunny day the light doesn't reach all of the ground floor rooms so you are met with total darkness and a surprise when going into a new room.



~ @Maxjsen

As you go up the building the rooms get larger and more similar, the ground floor is where the darker and more individual rooms are at, however each room has something different to offer. They all follow a similar layout, a big open room with many small windows with multiple support columns that would have been used to support the added weight of the mill machinery.



There are also multiple smaller outbuildings which are somewhat more dishevelled but alot more interesting.



And what would an exploration with two 16 year olds be without some artsy self promo Instagram shots . . .


~ @Maxjsen

Cheers for reading guys, happy exploring! :thumb
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