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Report - Central Library & Town Hall Extension - Manchester - February 2012


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Central Library / Town Hall Extension - Manchester - February 2012

Visited with Gone, Tweek & Fishbrain

Big props to Gone for suggesting it and getting us in.

This was a good one, we initially hit the roof which Gone had visited previously. The works have advanced now, so it was time to go inside and see what lay beneath us, we were impressed.

We'd done some other bits in Manchester before meeting Tweek in a semi-intoxicated state and Fishbrain... it was time to venture off the trail into the unknown...



When Central Library first opened in 1934, it was a spacious, well-designed, ultra-modern flagship library; a statement of civic pride and a fitting home for the city's prestigious collections.

Previously 70% of Central Library's interior was closed to the public. A major part of this off-limits space consisted of the book stacks, the underground areas where over a million books were stored and retrieved for customers by library staff

The main library dome was incredibly impressive, albeit stripped back but never the less remarkable. Interconnecting circular corridors and stairwells led us to the good stuff.








Knowing there was a basement it was likely there would be connecting tunnels for services, indeed there were, we popped up in the town hall extension, straight to the roof...








A great way to end a great night / morning.



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