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Report - Central Power Station-March 2011


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Central Power Station and had three coal fired boilers and a 5 Megawatt generating set manufactured by Siemen’s Brothers. The boilers had ‘chain grates’, these were like slow moving conveyor belts which passed through the furnaces, coal was loaded on one end from a hopper, it moved into the furnace and as the coal burned, the ash was collected in hoppers under the boilers.

Expansion continued, in 1929 electricity was installed in the houses of Port Sunlight Village and, in 1931, Bromborough Dock was opened. To meet the increased demand, Central Power Station was expanded, with the addition of three more coal fired boilers and a 6.25 Megawatt generating set.

The station could now produce a total of 11.5 Megawatts of electrical power at 3.3kv.

By the 1950s Central Power Station was producing power for the various Lever’s factories around Port Sunlight and Bromborough, both of the Villages and for other companies operating in the Bromborough Pool area. It had a connection to the main MANWEB electricity supply so that in periods of high demand it imported power from MANWEB, and at times of low demand it exported power to MANWEB.

Many of the works supplied with electricity also used steam and there were more than 10 low pressure steam generating plants operating in the area. A new type of generating set was now available, this was known as a ‘Back Pressure Generator’, it took steam at high pressure, used it to turn the turbine then output the steam for re-use at a lower pressure.

A pilot scheme was installed in the hardening plant of the old margarine works, opposite Central Power Station, this consisted of a small 1.3 Megawatt back pressure generating set manufactured by British Thomson Houston. This took steam at 230 p.s.i. from the power station boilers and output steam at 50 p.s.i.

The pilot scheme was a success, and it was decided to build a new power station on what is now Thermal Road.

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