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Report - Central Village Construction - Liverpool - Aug '11


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After spending too long feeling like I would never get the chance to go exploring again with money troubles and long work hours I decided to head out the Chester with Leaf1471 to get back into the swing of things. After finding ourselves at a new site we were swiftly and noisily collared by Cheshires boys in blue. Once let off with a slap on the wrist and being told to go "do this in another county" we headed off to Liverpool.

After picking the greatest night to go exploring with hail and thunderstorms accompanying myself and Leaf1471 we decided to check out the Construction for the new planned Central Village in Liverpool which encompasses the Lewis's building and the land above the old Victorian Rail Terminus.

Upon completion there will be hotels , cinemas , restaurants and cafes galore and I'm sure an increase in the already nightmarish traffic problems that plague this city.


Once the rain had ceased we made our way over to our entry point , everything was lovely and uneventful with the exception of the acrid smells and used condoms that plagued our path .

We spent a good few hours up here enjoying the views and weighing up our next site which we had planned for the same weekend . Hope you enjoy the pics , been a while since I've tried this :thumb

Looking over the rest of the Central Village development


Over to the Cathedral on St. James Mount


Kept catching my tripod on those damn supports :mad:


Didn't venture to the top but we were near enough there anyway !


Finally down in the dry


One final shot on the ground floor in case one of us was lost to the sea of piss and used condoms on the exit


Didn't get a great amount of usable pics thanks to the wind , rain and hail but thanks for looking anyway !! :thumb