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Report - Centrale De Schneider, France - November 2015


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Centrale de Schneider

Somewhere I’d been meaning to have a serious crack at for at least two and half years. Have assigned it a Euro name as is customary, however if anyone wants to know where it is, it shouldn't be hard to find for those who know their way around google or you could ask me.


Y u no do an explore in UK??” I hear (the same) people cry - Due to working pretty much 7 days a week in two jobs each, George and I planned some way in advance, a small holiday that included beers and a bit of relaxation, coupled with a few potential explores. Some definites, some definitely speculative, like this power station, amongst others, that had been the subject of some pretty intense desktop study. We’d planned initially to go to Scotland but France seemed more holiday-esque.

Unfortunately we chose the wrong weekend to head there…

A late tunnel crossing on Thursday saw us see in the Friday morning by sneaking round this power station, being chased by dogs at a brewery a little later and then spending a fairly relaxed afternoon in another ex power production building. We scoped out a fresh steel works in the gloom of the early evening and headed to our hotel with plans laid for blast furnace climbs the next morning.

Much shouting outside the hotel in the middle of the night was put down to choosing to stay in a lively town… in fact we awoke at 4.30am to find that some twats had killed loads of people making our plans for the day seem fairly foolish as I’m sure that we would have arisen more suspicion than usual…


Anyway, back to this particular power station. Another victim of the LCPD, 2001/80/EC and the general financial viability problems that many of France’s 1950’s era coal plants faced to adopt the efficiency standards imposed by the directive, in result, this one closed some time in 2012.

Due to the evidence of people working there on a daily basis, we figured it was probably not the best idea to wait until daylight as we would have had difficulty getting out unseen so here are some poor quality photos:

Progressing as usual through boiler house darkness towards some dim lights and what we hoped was turbon-town



The layout was fairly similar to this one in Beaumont Sur-Oise which has now been demolished http://www.28dayslater.co.uk/powerplant-rott-eko-france-july-2013.t84490 although it had a number of differently arranged Creusot & Schneider turbines, rather than the single orange monster.


Oh hi










A swift run, climb and fall back to the car to wait for the nearest Patiss to open.​



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That yellow panel certainly makes a difference to the usual green :p